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 Providing culinary experiences that will leave every palate craving for more!

The Happy Chefs Group is a group of professional chefs, bartenders, and servers who have all come together to provide the service of your choice. From taking your idea or concept and making it into a party sensation or dinning experience. 

Providing a personal touch with a professional flair elevating your standards for fine cuisine. Table side, boat side, catering, or private party; give us your suggestion and we can craft the theme. We will create the ultimate dinning experience of a lifetime. The renowned Chef Jay and his staff of private aspiring chefs are at your service for your events and are willing to travel to your worldly destination.

Our private party and catering specialist can assist you in planning and implementing your event. Available 24/7 day/night to your event site. Our staff includes a wide diversity of culinary experiences guaranteed to satisfy!

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